1. That such your tour along Spain? That is what more you have liked up to the moment?
Rich Hope: Our tour in Spain has been really great.  We think the crowds in Spain are the best!

2. Your concert at The Iguana (Vigo) was really very good. There is fantastic the force of your live sound, a guitar and a battery capable of sounding as a great band.Does all the time do that you touch together?
Rich Hope: Yes.  That is our show every night.  If it's not going to be loud and rocking, then there is no point in doing it at all.

3. I suppose that as the USA you have enough concerts. With that bands you could have shared scene in these years?
Rich Hope: We have played with The Black Crowes, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Social Distortion, Andre Williams, The Sadies, Big Sugar, The Reverend Horton Heat, Bad Religion, Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, The Hangmen, The Robert Randolph Family Band and many others.

4. Since you would define your music? For me all this is simply rock*roll, blues, with southern airs, but evidently created in Toronto. As would you say your that your band sounds?
Rich Hope: First of all, it was created in Vancouver, not Toronto!  THere's nobody that sounds like us in Eastern Canada.  Yes, I would say that there is a strong blues element to the sound.  I like the simplicity of one-chord blues, Mississippi-hill style blues.  I am a huge fan of garage-rock and punk rock and country as well, so that all fits in as well.

5.From your first LP it would distinguish especially three songs: "Boxcar", " My love is to bullet " and the version of the Rolling Stones " Stray Cat Blues ". Since it was your first recording in a study?. For that this version of the Rolling?
Rich Hope: I actually recorded an earlier record in 1998.  However, i had been in another band (called John Ford) from 1999 - 2004.  We had been doing Stray Cat Blues on stage for a while and we thought it would be fun to record it.  We don't play it much anymore.

6.Speak to me about "Sandbag Records". That you have relation with them?
Rich Hope: They are a small label who approached me about putting out records for them.  They are very good to me.  I get a lot of freedom to do what i want.

7.This year you have taken part in an honoring to Bruce Springsteen, I would like to know that other big solitary musicians are an influence for you.
Rich Hope: Joe Strummer is one of the biggest influences  - as well as Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, Hank Williams, Keith Richards, Howling Wolf, Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson

8.You were coming to Spain with desire of drinking wine and enjoying the food. Have you obtained it?....
Rich Hope: 
Yes! that desire was fulfilled many times over!  You people know how to live!

9.Rich, in my hands I have your new LP " Is Gonna Whip It On Already ", where the beginning with " My baby Likes To Boogaloo " already you demonstrates that your music is done to dance, to enjoy while you drive towards your work or to listen to it while you take a good cold beer and observe the girls of the bar. I want that you speak to me of your beginnings, since and when you touched a guitar for the first time and the one who taught the world to you of rock*roll.
Rich Hope: I first touched the guitar at age 13.  I played for a while and picked up the electric guitar when i was 16.  My dad wanted me to get one after seeing the John Fogerty video for "The Old Man's Down the Road".  I never looked back after that.  My earliest memory of wanting to play rock'n'roll is after hearing The Clash's "Safe European Home" for the first time.  It electrified my soul.  I remember thinking, "I want to do that.".  As far as I know, rock'n'roll should be for dancing.  That's why we do what we do!

10. From when you know Adrian Mack?
Rich Hope: We met in Vancouver when he was playing in the band John Ford.  We were fans of eachother's music.  They asked me to join their band and I played with them for 5 years.  We formed a tight bond in those days and when it came time to record some electric music on the "Evil Doers" record, I called him up.  There was no-one else that I wanted to have playing drums.  He just understands the sound I make.

11 .I hope that this Spanish tour uses you as inspiration to write some new song. Will you return to the study a new LP to offer us?
Rich Hope: We will definitely have something in 2013 for you.  We have a few songs recorded with our side project, The Blue Rich Rangers.  After our inspirational trip to Spain, we will add some Evil Doer material as well.  

12. In Galicia we hope that you return soon. Do you want to return on this part of the world? When we will be able to return to enjoy your presence?
Rich Hope: We will be coming to Galicia again, most likely in May of 2013.  Vigo is so great.  Viva La Iguana!!

13.You can say to us some name of bands that you could recommend to us, new bands of Toronto, or bands friends of which in Spain we do not know anything.
Rich Hope: Please listen to The Ramblin' Ambassadors (from Calgary, on Mint Records), The Vicious Cycles (Vancouver), The Highway Kind (Vancouver) The Harpoonist and the Axe Murderer (Vancouver) and The James T. Kirks (Edmonton).  As always, don't miss The Sadies (Toronto) who are really the greatest band in Canada!


1. LUPE: In a recent interview you were saying that what the only thing that you knew about Spain they were Jess Fran's movies co and the wine. Now you know a bit more our country. That is what more has impressed you? (The good thing and the bad thing)..
Rich Hope: I was impressed by the social fabric of the country.  That people go to bars, cafeterias and clubs and they really talk to one another.  I also love that you take siesta in the afternoon.  People work too hard and too long for too little over here.  I guess that the bad thing would be that you are worrying about a new government that might remove your health care.  That's terrible.  People need to be taken care of.

2. LUPE: The name " and his Evil Doers ". That it means?, because the drummer did not seem  very " evil doer ".
Rich Hope: Ha!  It is more of a reference to our sound that to Adrian's demeanour.  He is really a nice fellow who makes a bad sound.  Si?
3. BERTO:  Do you like to touch in small and familiar sites? Or you prefer the big scenes.
Rich Hope: We like a packed, sweaty club with lots of girls in it.  
4.BERTO: Did you prove the drink of Galicia called liquor coffee?
Rich Hope: We loved it.  We were just telling our friends about it the other night at our show in Vancouver.

5.OSCAR GRANJA: Which was the first disc to that you listened and the first concert that you were?

Rich Hope: First disc was "Give em Enough Rope" by The Clash.  First concert was The Stray Cats in 1982!

6. OSCAR GRANJAWhich is the music shop  favorite ? And your discs and movie favorites?
Rich Hope: My favorite music shop in Vancouver closed a couple of years back.  Very sad.  They had lots of great equipment.  My favorite discs are "Exile on Main St." by The Rolling Stones, "Honky Tonk Heroes" by Waylon Jennings, anything by Hank Williams, "Scott 4" by Scott Walker, "London Calling" by THe Clash, "I Do Not Play No Rock n Roll" by Mississippi Fred MacDowell, "The Black Gladiator" by Bo Diddley.  Movie favorites are "An American Werewolf in London", "Mad Max", "The Road Warrior", "Cinema Paradiso", "Mean Streets", "Taxi Driver", "Goodfellas", "Full Metal Jacket"  I love most Woody Allen films as well.

I might not say goodbye if to give you them thanks to you , we have enjoyed you concert and hope that you have little by little very much success in this hard world of rock*roll... And that prompt you return to Spain. Thank you.

Rich Hope: Thanks Oscar.  We really appreciate it.  See you as soon as we can!